Divisions are co/ed and are separated by grade level:

A.  Kindergarten

B. 1st & 2nd

C. 3rd & 4th

D. 5th & 6th

E. 7th & 8th

F. High School

*Divisions are subject to change based on participation numbers

*Teams are determined after the mandatory evaluation period

Game Rules

Four 10 Minute running quarters
Clock stops for timeouts, free throws, and at 5 minutes for subs
Each team gets 1 timeouts per half
3 Minute halftime
Players will foul out on 5th personal foul
Running clock in 2nd half excluding timeouts after 20 point lead
Man to Man Defense Only (No Zone Defense)
No pressing is allowed until the 4th quarter
Pressing may only be full court man with trapping allowed on the ball
Full court press is not allowed with a 15+ lead
Technical fouls result in 2 shots and the ball
2 technical fouls result in an ejection from the game
Overtime is 1 minute. If game is still tied after the 1 minute, sudden death applies
Bonus- 2 shots at the 10th team foul per half

Coaching Opportunities 

Envision Sports Academy is always looking for helping hands to guide our youth through their coaching efforts. If you’re interested in coaching please email us at info@envisionsportsacademy.com or you can text or call 713-377-8828