Q. What are the age groups for Envision Sports Academy Leagues?

Our divisions are divided by grade levels grades K-12

Q. My child does not have any basketball experience. Can I still sign him/her up?

A. Yes, Absolutely! Envision Sports Youth leagues are open to all levels and skill sets.

Q. Where and when are the practices held?

A. Envision Sports Youth league teams will practice weeknights. Times and locations will be determined based on your team. You will get an email informing you of your practice info.

Q. How do I sign my child up for individual workouts/ training?

Q. How do I volunteer to coach one of the teams for the Envision Sports Rec league?

A. We are excited to welcome you as a coach! Check the “Yes” box on the registration page for coaching or Email us at

Q. Can I sign my daughter up for the rec league?

A. Yes Envision Sports Youth leagues are open to both girls and boys grades K-12.